AI Text to Image

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Using AI-powered text-to-image generator consistently provides surprising results. As with most software, the final Q&A is done by the customer. Even so, the quality of the results and speed of generating images are consistently improving.

Digging Deeper: Our journey into AI generated images led us to utilize six popular platforms including: Ideogram, Bing, Nightcafe, Diffusion, Firefly, and Canva.

Program Overview: A client required a few images for a new project. We delved into the world of AI-powered text-to-image generator to craft eye-catching badges for their silent auction charity event.

As we immersed ourselves in text-to-image exploration, we found each tool to be remarkably user-friendly. Yet, among them, Ideogram and Bing shone brighter, particularly in their seamless integration of text. The choice of which application to pursue ultimately boils down to the specific needs your project requires.

Image Prompt: The following is the prompt that was created to create the following images. An exception was Canva as they required less description.

Create a  Sailor Jerry tattoo-style Americana flash typography “Drink the Art” in orange. Combine with a captivating image of a full color lowbrow monster tumbler. The background  is hand-tooled leather that containing leather designs and Floral Corner Patterns  with “Flying Piston Benefit” and “Buffalo Chip”.

AI Text to Image

Ideogram AI: Best at: Creating images with a simply input of a description or concept. And then within seconds the AI produces stunning visuals that bring those ideas to life. Ideogram AI is a free text-to-image generator.

Bing Image Creator: Best at: Hassle-free experience. Bing Image Creator offers a straightforward experience with no subscription required, making it convenient for users who prefer a simple and accessible tool. While it may lack some advanced features, it compensates with ease of use.

Nightcafe: Best at: Free access and user-friendly interface. Nightcafe stands out for providing free access to its platform, making it a budget-friendly option for users who want to experiment with AI image generation without committing to a subscription.

Diffusion: Best at: Producing photorealistic images. It excels in creating images that closely resemble real-life photographs, making it ideal for projects requiring a high level of realism. It also offers easy customization options to enhance the final output. It’s ideal for hobbyists and app developers alike. Doesn’t utilize text well.

Adobe Firefly: Best at: Editing existing images. Leveraging Adobe’s vast image library, it excels not only in creation but also in editing existing images with finesse. It’s ideal for users who want to enhance or modify their photos using AI-powered tools, providing versatility beyond simple image generation. Doesn’t utilize text well.

Canva AI: Best at: Social media design. Canva AI integrates seamlessly with Canva’s popular social media design platform, offering users the ability to generate AI-powered images directly within their existing workflow. It’s well-suited for creating social media graphics with minimal effort. Doesn’t utilize text well.

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