Early in 2023 I met an interesting CEO that had an exit from Lessonly (now Seismic Learning). I sat in on a presentation from Max Yoder about one of his recent books, Do Better Work: Finding Clarity, Camaraderie, and Progress in Work and Life Kindle Edition.

I went back on Linkedin a month later to see what he was doing. It turns out he had been working on an AI project with a few colleagues that interprets dreams. AI can do dream interpretations… who knew?

AI Dream Interpretations
AI Dream Interpretations

So Max and a few friends came up with an AI-powered dream journal and interpretation tool. It’s pretty cool. It’s available for free for anyone that wants to use it.

Jeff Najar’s Dream

I had the App interpret one of my dreams and it stated:

“It may reflect a need to find a balance between exploring your individual desires and maintaining a responsible approach to your personal growth and interactions with others.”

Yoder’s AI App is an outstanding exercise in creating an AI application and it provides a lot of fun.


AI Dream Interpretations

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