Horsepower Marketing develops a new logo for Suspension Technologies.

Logo design can be simple, sophisticated and intricate. When we developed the new logo design for Suspension Technologies we started out understanding their origins and listened to them talk about their future aspirations.

The original logo

From the discussion, we created a visual board that mapped out the firm and identified the key components of what makes Suspension Technologies’ Suspension Technologies. We also spent time discussing their future and aspirations for the firm.

Understanding where a firm comes from and what is important to the executive team goes a long way in understanding the firm.

In with the new…

Based on the discussion we came up with four designs. We utilize an iterative process to pare down the image to two designs and then crafted the final treatment that addressed all the elements of the company embodied in the logo.

The new design encompasses elements of racing, retro design and color palette as well as the latest font selection. These elements are blended together into a tight logo that looks good large, small, in print and online.